ISEE Montreal 2004 conference will explore the scientific basis for modelling, regulation and management of international and 

interdisciplinary problems affecting climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Theme Paper Title Author(s) Format Origin
Environmental policy Sustainable Use of Cement and Concrete: A Commitment with Nation’s Development Everaldo Marciano, Jr. Regular Session "Wabe International-Consulting, Canada"
Environmental policy Voluntary Pollution Control in Mexico Nicholas Sisto | Allen Blackman Regular Session "Department of Economics, ITESM, Mexico | Resources for the Future, USA"
Environmental policy Ecological economics toward reconciling sustainable development with environmental and social dimensions of a country in transition: experience from the Ukraine. Maria Nijnik | Lidia Hryniv Regular Session "Macaulay Institute, Craigiebuckler, United Kingdom | Ivan Franko National University, Ukraine"
Environmental policy Why are economic instruments so reluctantly applied ? Beat Burgenmeier Core Session "Centre for Human Ecology and Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland"
Environmental policy Can Sustainable Labelling Alleviate the Coffee Crisis? Roldan Muradian | Wim Pelupessy Core Session "Development Research Institute (IVO), Netherlands"
Environmental policy Making Sustainable Development Operable: The Case of the European Community Law Herwig Unnerstall Regular Session "Department of Economics, Sociology and Law, UFZ - Centre for Environmental Research, Germany"
Environmental policy Why French Agro-food Industries adopt ISO 14001? Gilles Grolleau | Naoufel Mzoughi Regular Session "UMR INRA-ENESAD, France | Université de Bourgogne, UMR INRA-ENESAD, France"
Environmental policy A new environmental governance for a sustainable development: towards a democratization of decisions at local levels? Sonia El Heit | Raoudha Makkaoui Core Session "C3ED, Université de Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France"
Environmental policy Infrastructure and urban environmental policy Martin Quaas Regular Session "Interdisciplinary Institute for Environmental Economics, University of Heidelberg, Germany"
Environmental policy "Multilateral Environmental Agreements, the WTO, and Regulatory Chilling" Urs P. Thomas | Makane Moïse Mbengue Regular Session "Dept. of Public International Law INPUB, University of Geneva, Switzerland"
Environmental policy Scoping Potential for Incentive Based Policy Approaches to Complex Jeff Connor Regular Session "CSIRO Land and Water, Policy and Economics Research Unit, Australia"
Environmental policy Multicriteria decision-making in watershed-level environmental management Caroline Hermans Regular Session "Rubenstein School of Natural Resources, University of Vermont, USA"
Environmental policy Development rights and land use planning: Relationship and potential to limit harmful land use Irmi Seidl Regular Session "WSL - Swiss Federal Research Institute, Switzerland"
Environmental policy Contract Criteria for Sustainable Commodities Transactions: The Case of Coffee Peter May | Gilberto Mascarenhas | Jason Potta Regular Session "Graduate Program in Development, Agriculture and Society-CPDA/UFRRJ, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Graduate Program in Development, Agriculture and Society-CPDA/UFRRJ, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada"
Environmental policy "Environmental Regulations, Innovation, International Trade and Strategic Behavior" Savas Alpay Regular Session "Beykent University, Turkey"
Environmental policy "GMOs in food, the basis of regulation and the EU-US trade dispute" Dan Rigby | Mike Burton | Trevor Young Regular Session "School of Economics, Manchester University, United Kingdom | UWA, Australia | Manchester University, United Kingdom"
Environmental policy The Economics of International Toxic Waste Policy: Some Preliminary Lessons Jim Puckett Core Session "BAN & APEX, USA"
Environmental policy Sustainable Development in a Post-Brundtland World Chris Sneddon | Richard Norgaard | Richard Howarth Regular Session "Department of Geography/Environmental Studies Program, Dartmouth College, USA | University of California-Berkeley, USA | Department of Geography/Environmental Studies Program, Dartmouth College, USA"
Environmental policy Transaction Costs and Collective Action: Evidence from Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Nepal Bhim Adhikari Regular Session "Himalayan Institute of Development, Kathmandu, Nepal and University of York, United Kingdom"
Environmental policy Ecolabeling : private provision of a public good? Douadia Bougherara Regular Session "CESAER (Centre d'Économie et de Sociologie appliquées à l'Agriculture et aux Espaces Ruraux) UMR INRA - ENESAD, France"
Environmental policy Modification of state and private regulation through forest certification Julie Maurais Regular Session "Économie et Humanisme, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada"