ISEE Montreal 2004 conference will explore the scientific basis for modelling, regulation and management of international and 

interdisciplinary problems affecting climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Theme Paper Title Author(s) Format Origin
Resilience Robustness of Social-Ecological Systems to Spatial and Temporal Disturbance Regimes Marco A. Janssen | John M. Anderies | Elinor Ostrom Core Session "Center for the Study of Institutions, Population, and Environmental Change, Indiana University, USA | Arizona State University, USA | Indiana University, USA"
Resilience "An integrated watershed approach to the modelling and management of the eutrophication of fishing grounds: the case of Lake Victoria, East Africa" Silvio Simonit | Charles Perrings Regular Session "Center for Environment and Development Economics (CEDE), Environment Department, University of York, United Kingdom"
Resilience Irrigation Linked Social-Ecological System (SES) -- A Model of Resilience Nirmal Sengupta Regular Session "Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), India"
Resilience Conservation in the Optimal Use of Rangelands Charles Perrings | Brian Walker Core session "Environment Department, University of York, United Kingdom | Wildlife and Ecology Division, CSIRO, Australia"
Resilience Irreversibility and biodiversity : an approach in terms of capabilities Jacques Weber | Harold Levrel | Meriem Bouamrane | Geneviève Michon Regular Session "Institut Français de la Biodiversité, France | Musée national d’Histoire naturelle, France | UNESCO, France | Institut de recherche pour le développement, France"
Resilience Adaptive Cycles and the Problem of Sustaining Human Civilisation Anthony O. Cole Regular Session "New Zealand Centre for Ecological Economics, Landcare Research, New Zealand"