ISEE Montreal 2004 conference will explore the scientific basis for modelling, regulation and management of international and 

interdisciplinary problems affecting climate change and biodiversity loss.

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"Governance, global economic integration and immigration" Forum on the governance challenge of global economic integration and immigration. Do environmental concerns have a role to play? Roldan Muradian | Inge Røpke | Joan Martinez-Alier | Mathis Wackernagel | Eric Neumayer | Aparna Sawhney | Stefan Giljum | Nina Eisenmenger | Igor Matutinovic | Amita Shah Symposium / round table "Development Research Institute (IVO), Netherlands | Technical University of Denmark, Denmark | Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain | Global Footprint Network, USA | London School of Economics, United Kingdom | Indian Institute of Management Bangalor, India | SERI, Austria | IFF, Austria | Center for Market Research, Croatia | Gujarat Institute of Development Research, India
"Governance, global economic integration and immigration" "Autocatalysis, international trade and depletion of natural resources in the south" Igor Matutinovic Symposium / roundtable "GfK Center for Market Research, Croatia"