ISEE Montreal 2004 conference will explore the scientific basis for modelling, regulation and management of international and 

interdisciplinary problems affecting climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Theme Paper Title Author(s) Format Origin
Governance The Emergence and Evolution of Ecological Economics In China over the Past Two Decades Wang Songpei | Li Maoxu | Wang Dai Core Session "Chinese Society for Ecological Economics, China"
Governance Governance of Sustainability: Co-evolution of Corporate and Political Governance Raimund Bleischwitz Core Session "Wuppertal Institute, Germany"
Governance Governing Sustainable Development - A co-evolutionary perspective on transitions and change Friedrich Hinterberger | Christian Rammel | Ulrike Bechthold Core Session "SERI, Austria | University of Vienna and SERI, Austria | University of Vienna, Austria"
Governance "The emergence of ""new"" forms of governance in the field of sustainable development ? Speeches, actors, collective procedures" Géraldine Froger Core Session "Université de Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France"