ISEE Montreal 2004 conference will explore the scientific basis for modelling, regulation and management of international and 

interdisciplinary problems affecting climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Theme: SEEA'03
Paper Title: "Symposium on the Handbook for the System of Environmental and Economic Accounting, SEEA'03"
Authors: Anthony Friend | Peter Bartelmus | Salah El Serafy | Kozo Mayumi
Author's Origin: "University of British Columbia, Canada | Columbia University, USA | Former Economist at the World Bank, USA | University of Tokushima, Japan"
Format: Symposium Title
Paper: papers/8854_FriendA.doc
Session ID: S.37..524B
Title of Symposium SEEA'03
Title of Symposium Session:
Symposium Chair: Anthony Friend, Peter Bartelmus
Time & Location of Presentation: 7/13/2004 Room: 524B