More than 600 participants meeting in Montreal to discuss economy, ecology and governance, from July 11–14

Montreal, June 15, 2004 – Professor Jean-Pierre-Revéret of the UQAM lnstitut des sciences de l’environnement and Professor Frank Müller of the Economics Department of Concordia University are the joint organizers of the 8th Biennial Scientific Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics, which will take place from July 11–14, 2004 at the Montreal Convention Centre. Registration is $500, or $225 for students.

Challenging Boundaries: Economics, Ecology and Governance

This is the first time that this event is being held in Canada. With the subject “Challenging Boundaries: Economics, Ecology and Governance”, the conference will be attended by more than 600 participants, scientists, workers in the field and decision-makers, from over forty countries. They will discuss the borders— between disciplines, between ecosystems and between political entities—that shape our approach to environmental problems, and explore the impact of these borders on science and governance. The conference will cover a number of topics, including:

- Ecological Economy
- Climate Change
- Biovariety, Biotechnology and Biosafety
- Ecosystem Health
- Ethics and the Environment
- International Environmental Policies
- Environmental Impact Assessment
- Governance
- Industrial Ecology
- Sustainable Development
- Resource Management

Prominent speakers
Participants will be able to attend a lecture by ecologist Vandana Shiva (India), and hear other eminent speakers, including Bob Costanza (University of Maryland, United States); Partha Dasgupta (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom); Buzz Holling (University of Florida, United States), Juan Martinez-Alier (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain), Hal Mooney (Stanford University, United States), Mohan Munasinghe (Munasinghe Institute for Development, Sri Lanka) and Joan Roughgarden (Stanford University, United States).

International Society for Ecological Economics
The International Society for Ecological Economics is a non-profit scientific organization, dedicated to advancing understanding of the relationships among ecological, social, and economic systems for the mutual well-being of nature and people, in a context of sustainable development.

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The official language of the Conference is English.

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